Bike Starvation


Did you miss the bike? We offer you an express program to ease the condition. Five days on a bike on the highways and serpentines of central Nepal give you your pep back! In addition, you are able to enjoy almost all the sights and beautiful views!

We visit Pokhara, the pearl of Nepal, a town located in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the bank of the magnificent Phewa Lake. We touch the eternal in the Buddha’s homeland - Lumbini. We take a ride on the elephants and see reptiles in the Chitwan National Park. We drive both the mountain and the plain parts of Nepal.

Tour program

Day 1. Arrival in Kathmandu. We meet you at the airport and take to the hotel. After a short break a walking tour through the city center. Eyeing unusual souvenirs, having fun and preparing for the departure.

Day 2. Today the road leads us to the west of the country, to Pokhara, a comfortable and cozy town  located in a valley, directly opposite the Annapurna mountain range.

Day 3. We leave Pokhara and have about six hours ride on serpentines. At the end of the path, we come out the plain and reach Lumbini, the place where Buddha was born.

Day 4. In the morning, we visit the monasteries and temples, and then rush to unite with nature in the Chitwan National Park. We see the sunset on the bank of the river; and in the evening, we enjoy local dancing art.

Day 5. In the morning, we go on a safari, then a quick snack and back on the road. Today we need to reach the nondescript village of Tulsi. This is not a tourist place, so we run into the real Nepal, not a chocolate-box one.

Day 6. We leave the plain and find ourselves on the serpentines again. Dizzying turns hour after hour... By the evening, we are in Kathmandu, where our rapid program ends.

Day 7. Departure. If your plane departs in the evening, we have a good chance to see the sights of Kathmandu, Patan or Bhaktapur. We provide you with a transfer to the airport and wave goodbye! We hope our ‘meal’ has helped you with your bike-starvation!

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